• Christopher Thomas Callow

30 Days of Motion #Day3 Looping 3D Animation

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Recently I've seen many using looping animations as appealing Instagram posts. The platform supports this style of posting very seamlessly, as if the video clip never ends.

I want to embed the skills learned in this day throughout the challenge. Advertising & marketing capitalise on these short looping clips to help promote their brand.


So many great ways to go about this:

Lets look at some real-life reference:

Concept Development:

Draft Versions:



Full Res:

Surprisingly, from concept to final, I didn't have any problems figuring out how to achieve the look in Cinema. I mainly used techniques from when I used the software for the Netflix promo.

If I were to improve, I'd change the way the spheres appear onto the conveyor belt, currently there's no meaning to why they fall out of the sky in a linear fashion. Perhaps I'll come back to this concept and try to match the machinery movements from my inspiration section better.

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