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Cyber Consult Promotional Video

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

From what I've already achieved with my previous challenges, I took the plunge of taking on a bigger one with a promotional video for the Norwegian cyber-security company: Cyber Consult

Brief from client:

Scene 1;

Show the world map and zoom in on Norway.

Text: Norway is in the top 10 most targeted countries for cyber-attacks.

Many Pins drops hitting the map of Norway

Scene 2;

Zooming in on the top of IceBerg showing major attacks in the news in Norway. (Picture provided in email)

Text: As we know, some major companies have been attacked in Norway recently.

Then it zooms out, showing the whole Iceberg.

1st shown text: These are just the known cases. Most attacks happen to SMB’s as they are much more vulnerable.

Following text: Many of these companies aren’t aware they have been breached.

Scene 3;

Show the scale of 5 years previously growth in cyberattacks. And then pinpoint the massive growth which will occur for the next 5 years to come. So show that the graph will be massive after 2019. To create the feeling of urgency for the audience.

Scene 4;

Big Question mark, asking why is that the case?

Scene 5;

Initial text on page: Just three simple reasons may be

· Outdated security measures

· Lack of knowledge

· False sense of security

Hackers/attackers know for a fact that the SMBs lack extensive security measures. Which increases the hit rate.

Place funny animation to each point in the bullet listing

Scene 6;

Emoji hand waving

Upper page Text: Have any questions about your security status?

We would love to have a chat with you.

Following the previous text underneath: Cyber concern? CyberConsult.

The end.

Brand Guidelines:


Idea Generation:

Firstly I started blocking out how the scenes would look from basic stills, then later on settle on a style that would shape the rest of the animation.

It was difficult to decide whether to have a low-poly style iceberg or a detailed one. Ultimately, I went with

Concept Development and Feedback:

Scene 1:

Draft Versions:

Version 4:

Version 5:

Version 6:

Version 7:

Version 8:

Version 9:

Version 10:

Version 11:

Version 12:

Version 13:

Version 14:

Version 15:

Version 16:

Version 17:

Client Changes:

Version 18:

Version 19:

Version 20:

Version 20+ (Client Revisions/Amendments):


Client Version:


I've thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience that came with this project. From client changes to the constant question of "How can I add value to the client?"

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