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30 Days of Motion #Day1 Personal Rebrand

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Starting the 30 day challenge off, I've decided to give my personal image a re-brand, more suited to my current role.

Existing brand:

Name: CTCGraphics

Pallet: Blacks & Whites

I want my re-brand to utilise new skills that I've learnt since I made the old logo back in 2013 and represent a more visual appearance with a more thought-out colour pallet.

Where applicable, I will apply the design process from my initial pitch to structure my daily work going forward.


Here are my favourites from the 15mins search, specifically looking for animation styles that I haven't attempted before, I really like the optical illusion concept because of the simplicity and looping capability.

A style I drew inspiration from:

A liquid motion tutorial I found that gave me the knowledge to experiment with:


I also experimented with using the letters in 'CTC' as fills for another.

Concept Development:

From my sketches, I've taken them into Adobe Illustrator to then apply the golden ratio as explained in this video:

Draft Versions:

I came to the conclusion that I would need to adapt the name as the domain had already been taken, so with my current skill set, the name, 'CTCVisuals' suits my role and services that I provide.

I also have produced a style sheet to be used across social medias to keep it on brand:



My graphic design mentor provided me with some insight on possible improvements but firstly, when I showed him the final logo for first impressions, the first thing that came to mind for him was Boo from Mario when the logo was rotated horizontally.

With this, he mentioned the lack of notable elements with the brand that make it mine or showcase my skills within the logo.

To conclude, I'm happy with how I've applied my process to this project (concept and illustrator development) but I will use the 30 challenge to reflect, day by day, and evaluate the new branding as time goes on and decide if I can push it further before I start putting myself out there as a freelancer.

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